Warmly celebrate Jiangsu Java Supply Chain Management Co., LTD. public?listing

On November 2, 2016,Beijing time,Jiangsu Java Supply Chain Management Co., LTD. was held for bell ceremony,in the Beijing Jinyang Building.




Zhao haidong, a company founder?and general manager, published a speech.



It?was?an?important?moment?that the senior managers?knocking?the opening bell ,which is mean to open the door of treasures.?



The company founder and core leader?participated in the opening ceremony, witnessed?this significant moment.



Ji Hua Stock success of landing the domestic new three board market.That was an important milestone in the development of the company, and it’s?also a new starting point and fresh power.With the help of a new three board capital platform,?we will firmly grasped this precious opportunity?to promote the upgrade and innovation?capacity in competitive?products.The realization of the maximum win-win cooperation. ??



Let's wish?Ji Hua Stock increasingly?thriving and prosperous.

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