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Jiangsu Java Supply Chain Management Co.,Ltd(Referred to as “Ji Hua Stock”,Stock code:839239) was established in June 2007.?
?Based on the integrated services of traditional?logistics, our company focus on being a integration operators with the whole-chain supply chain.?
?On the basis of integrity and security?logistics, and constantly to innovate and breakthrough in technology, Ji Hua Stock will build the ” wisdom, green, ecosphere supply chain”.?
?Via the?combination of traditional logistics and advanced technology, our company has achieved a new standard supply-chain mode which is based on international multi-modal transportation of railway-highway and centered on the domestic railway network.?
?Ji Hua Stock?is specialized in cross-border e-commerce service, especially on providing globally traceable commodity and multiple customs clearance channels.?
?Finally, our company?will realize the Comprehensive Supply-chain Version4.0 under Big Data, through the constant effort on refreshing the traditional business mode and overcoming its weakness.

Ji Hua Stack - stock code: 839239


Company Culture

Corporate Philosophy:

Customers, employee sand enterprise collaborative development;

Core Competence:

Professional team,Advanced technology, Customer-based services ,Constantly innovative spirit;

Service Philosophy:

Through professional services to promote customer’s value;

Market philosophy:

Exploit and lead the markets, to do the consultant;

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Chief Financial Officer:
Chief Financial Officer:

1. Double rest, six insurance and one gold;
2. More than 10 years of financial related work experience;
3. Over 5 years'experience in financial management;
4. Major in finance, bachelor degree or above;
5. Experience in capital operation of listed companies is preferable.
6. Open salary, negotiable;

Contact information: 0510-85253166
Resume mailbox: javahr@wxjava.com
Work place: No. 89 Xingchuang Fourth Road, Xinwu District, Wuxi City

Supply Chain Manager:
Supply Chain Manager:

1. Single rest, six risks and one fund;
2. More than 8 years experience in logistics;
3. Over 3 years'experience in logistics management;
4. Experience in the construction of modern logistics and warehousing system;
5. College degree or above;
6. Salaries ranging from 0.8 to 12,000 per month;
Contact information: 0510-85253166
Resume mailbox: javahr@wxjava.com
Work place: 235 Xinzhou Road, Meicun Town,


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